Are we in church?

Are we in church?

Dear visitors to this page!

We are all confronted with the current situation, only how we see it is very different. “Thank God!”, you might say, because the most frightening thing would be to see something in only one way.

I personally find the situation extraordinarily critical and despairing, because something seems to be developing fundamentally, worldwide, in a wrong direction. We are accepting a dictatorship – albeit “in the name of health” – operating under the guise of good.

I am in despair because we are all so passive, like in church, where it is all about “faith”, only that a disease is not really a matter of faith but of objective research. If you start to inform yourself, you will find a bunch of downright lies and processes that contradict health as well as any logic. The “public media” declare that one should under no circumstances inform oneself independently, but believe unchecked what is presented to one by the official channels. But what is that, we are not in church, we are adult citizens! It seems almost an indispensable duty to me to inform myself comprehensively and diversely, so that I can form my own view of the situation.

In this sense, I wish you, dear reader, good health, but first and foremost mental health, because then the body can also breathe more freely and remain in good health!

Erika Richter